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We Beautify Diamonds. We bring out the natural shine of the diamond.

In diamond field since 1998 we are manufacturer of deep pressure boiling system and diamond processors(Diamond cleaning process) from long time at the Diamond City Surat, Bhavin Surti 'LABH TECHNOLOGY' is highly renowned in the Diamond City Surat because of its brand image, reputation for quality work and best customer service. We brought ' Deep Boiling machine ' and 'Natts Process system' for the first time in Surat. With our business expanded all over the world at South Africa ,China, Brazil etc. LABH TECHNOLOGY group stands out of our competitors because of our broad minded approach and adoption of latest technologies.

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Different kind of process can be done as follows:

Natts ( black spot open inclusion)process which can be removed from diamond. And to increase the whiteness of black carbon diamonds.

Tlb (brown diamond) process which is for improving luster of diamond and by grading it increase value of diamonds.

Lc white process in which improvemnt of light,luster & whiteness.

Deep boiling process is used to remove dirt and trace materials from rough and polished diamonds,allowing diamonds to reach their highest potential value.

White diamonds to increase the whiteness and light luster of diamonds.

Light luster improvement process can be done.

It works both in polish and rough.

It can also be used as normal boiling system.

Cleanses your diamonds deep and thoroughly, with this type of cleansing some natts disappear. It also improves the color.