Special Lustre Diamond Process

Special Lustre Diamond Process (Sparkling Diamond)

These special process is 100% benefits and useful for giving luster, brilliance , sparkling to any types of diamonds like WHITE DIAMONDS, LB DIAMONDS, LC DIAMONDS etc. In this process diamonds are going in special vessel which clean diamonds by special chemicals which will remove dirts and trace material on polish diamonds and give marvelous luster to diamonds compare to any other process or deep boiling system. Due to this process diamonds luster increase and give you sparkling diamonds.

Advantages :

  • It increases the luster of any type of diamonds.
  • Because of luster improves in diamonds it is easy to sell it to buyers.
  • Improvement of luster in diamonds by this process also increase grading number value in WHITE SOLITARE diamonds like 0.15, 0.30, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00……10ct etc.
  • In SMALLER MELEES diamonds it increases whiteness and luster of diamonds so when packet is open it looks marvelous.
  • For LB DIAMONDS AND LC DIAMONDS it increase shining and brilliance luster.
  • To get benefit of this process we highly recommend to customer to go for LIGHT BROWN DIAMOND or LIGHT COLOR –OFF WHITE DIAMONDS.
  • Before giving DIAMONDS to GIA or IGI LABORATORY or after LABORATORY you can test our special luster process so that you can get idea how it works and how it is benefit to your diamonds.
  • At the end of the process , the diamonds are sparkling and bright, clean from any remaining external dirt which give brilliance and fire to the polish diamonds.
  • Finally by this SPECIAL LUSTER PROCESS the end result was that more diamonds became saleable at very attractive prices.