About Us

In diamond field since 1998 we are manufacturer of deep pressure boiling system and diamond processors(Diamond cleaning process) from long time at the Diamond City Surat, Bhavin Surti 'LABH TECHNOLOGY' is highly renowned in the Diamond City Surat because of its brand image, reputation for quality work and best customer service. We brought ' Deep Boiling machine ' and 'Natts Process system' for the first time in Surat. With our business expanded all over the world at South Africa ,China, Brazil etc. LABH TECHNOLOGY group stands out of our competitors because of our broad minded approach and adoption of latest technologies. Technical expertise, business insights, extreme customer support and best prices has put us today on the top. Our R & D Department has constantly tried to offer best and latest technology process solutions and we have achieved almost customer satisfaction by catering all individual needs and requirements.

We make use of best German and Israel technologies to take extreme care of your diamonds and make them more valuable and attractive through our diamond Boiling machine and cleaning process service in our process house. We take extreme care in processing of even -2 Carat Diamonds and Pointers diamonds like 1ct, 2ct, 3ct,... 50ct etc... Our most experience of over 14 years and brand image as one of the most trusted name in Deep boiling equipment manufacturer and diamond cleaning process house will definitely help making your diamonds more valuable and attractive ever. And that's the reason why our valuable customers buys Natts process beaker equipment from us and give diamond for cleaning purpose. So being highly-known for best diamond boiling machine manufacturer, exporters and rough importers from Antwerp or Dubai prefer to buy Deep boil equipment from LABH TECHNOLOGY only.


Indian Gems and Jewellery industries is rapidly growing up in this up grading industries there is need of manufacturing good quality diamond, sparkling diamond by thinking of that our company after two year research develop a Israel technology diamond boiling machine, deep boiling system ,Natts process system, Diamond cleaning machine, in which any kind of diamonds like Natts (black spot open inclusion), LB (brown diamonds),LC diamonds,And for White polish and rough diamonds to increase the whiteness of diamonds and make sparkling.


To become India's largest Deep boiling and diamond boiling system manufacturer. And obviously to be biggest diamond cleaning processor and make our customer diamonds more valuable and to reach their highest potential value.


To build long term relationship with our customer and help them making their diamonds more valuable and beautiful. To Protect our environment and make echo friendly by our latest technology.